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Crafting Culinary Experiences Beyond Expectations

Unveiling a World of Flavors and Elegance Through Exceptional Catering Services


Welcome to EFS Catering: Your Gateway to Culinary Excellence in Jacksonville, Florida. We are not just a catering company; we are your partners in creating unforgettable moments. With a passion for crafting exceptional dining experiences, we specialize in a wide array of events, ranging from enchanting weddings to diverse social gatherings and seamless corporate affairs. Our culinary artistry, coupled with our unwavering dedication, promises to elevate your event into a symphony of flavors, a tapestry of elegance, and an epitome of professionalism. Discover how EFS Catering turns occasions into cherished memories.



Our wedding catering service offers a seamless blend of exquisite menu customization, elegant table setups, experienced staffing, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your special day is a culinary and aesthetic delight for you and your guests.

Customized catering Jacksonville

Social Event Catering

Elevate your social events with our seamless and exquisite catering service. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our curated menus and impeccable attention to detail ensure a flawless and memorable dining experience for you and your guests.

Catering Jacksonville Florida

Full-Service Bartending

Our mobile, fully licensed, and insured service is perfect for all events. Contact us for customizable pricing, and enjoy professional service, stylish presentations, and liquid luxury for a truly memorable event.

EFS Catering Services Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Our dedicated team specializes in crafting culinary experiences that leave a lasting impression. Whether you're hosting a grand reception or an intimate gathering, our seamless food and bar services redefine event catering, promising the utmost freshness and quality. 

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Savor EFS Catering's Chef's Tastings Events to personalize your event menu and elevate your dining experience. Join our Chef's Tasting Event for a glimpse of our popular dishes and explore our unique style, presentation, and top vendor recommendations. RSVP with your sales representative for the next event.

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Delivery Service

Our Delivery Service: enjoy our cuisine with a hands-on approach. Order everything, from delectable dishes to beverages and desserts, and we'll deliver it right to your venue or home. No servers or rentals needed, just culinary delights for your guests to savor.

Christmas Dinner

Holiday and Seasonal Menus

Take your celebrations to the next level with EFS Catering's Holiday and Seasonal Menus. Our talented chefs infuse the flavors of each season into every dish, ensuring your gatherings, whether they be cozy winter gatherings or vibrant summer feasts, are truly unforgettable. 

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Our Team - What's Included

We are client-focused - from your first point of contact working with our sales team to crafting the perfect menu and event details, our team collaborates to ensure events are executed and managed to exceed expectations.

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Menu Customization 

At EFS Catering, we value personalization. With our Menu Customization, you can tailor your menu to your preferences. From dish selection to themed menu, we ensure every detail matches your vision.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Event Partners We Trust

Discover Our Recommended Vendors for Seamless Celebrations

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