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Catering Contributions: Larry Grosshans Receives Seamark Ranch Volunteer of the Year Award

It's with immense pride and gratitude that we share the incredible news—Larry Grosshans, the esteemed Owner of Executive Food Service (EFS) Catering, was recently honored with the prestigious Seamark Ranch Volunteer of the Year award. This recognition stands as a testament to Larry's unwavering dedication and commitment to serving our community.

Greg Voss, our valued friend, had the distinct honor of presenting this well-deserved award to Larry. For years, Larry has been a cornerstone of support for Seamark Ranch, extending a helping hand and unwavering support in every possible way. His passion for community service and his commitment to making a difference have made an indelible impact on their organization.

At EFS Catering, community engagement and philanthropy are woven into the fabric of our values. Larry's leadership exemplifies these values, reflecting our company's dedication to giving back to the community that has supported us.

Larry's exceptional generosity and support have been invaluable to Seamark Ranch. His dedication and that of EFS Catering as a whole have played a pivotal role in helping Seamark Ranch achieve their mission and uplift the lives of many in their community.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Larry Grosshans on this well-deserved recognition. Larry, your contributions have touched countless lives, and we are immensely grateful for your ongoing partnership and commitment to making a meaningful difference.

What is Seamark Ranch?

In early 2000, the foster care system in Florida was struggling to provide the nurturing care and developmental support children needed to overcome the loss, grief and trauma caused by family crises. Statistics were beginning to demonstrate widespread failures of the Foster Care system where children continue to disruptively move from placement to placement. Seamark Ranch has worked to change the face of childcare for the fortunate ones who find their home at Seamark Ranch.

Seamark is the solution to the increasing need to help children who, through no fault of their own, have been left alone in this world. As you look through our website you will see hopeful faces of children providentially blessed with opportunity that is all too rare for those who require out-of-home care. Whether our children go on to be adopted, are eventually reunified in their biological families, or grow up with us, all are family!

Since opening their doors Seamark has served over 100 children with it's homes, on-campus school and extensive childcare programs. Larry is very passionate about Seamark Ranch and if you are wanting to help too, please click the link below to go to their Website and sign up for their Pantry Partners list. This directly affects what Larry does with Seamark Ranch and any and all donations are well.

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