Executive Food Service Team

Our Staff are hand-selected for their ability to do and be the best. Their dedication to Executive Food Service and talent in the culinary arts are why we succeed. Our team brings passion and excellence to all Executive Food Service events, and a meticulous attention to detail most clients are used to seeing only in the finest restaurants. Rely on our team of on-site caterers in Jacksonville, Florida, for a fine culinary arts experience at your next important event!


Larry Grosshans, Executive Chef and Owner

Award-winning Chef Larry Grosshans is a 25-year veteran of the culinary arts and a graduate from the country's most prestigious culinary arts school, The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. This award-winning chef's career has been literally international, in addition to covering every corner of the United States. Grosshans is the successful owner and designer of three restaurants, and the first corporate chef for Starwood Hotels International. In the food service industry, Larry Grosshans has done it all!

Larry Grosshans
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Olivia Burkhalter Gonzalez,
Vice President and Marketing Director

Olivia Burkhalter Gonzalez is a professional qualified by 20 years of notable achievements in the culinary arts and hospitality industry. She offers a history of performance excellence in event planning and customer relations. A chef in her own right with expansive culinary knowledge, Gonzalez works with the EFS Catering Team to create custom menus for your special occasion. Her absolute commitment and willingness to go to the extra mile will ensure that your event is a total success. When you are ready to stop worrying and put your trust in the right place, you’ll know who to call.

Member of the Clay County Chamber
Professional Wedding/Event Planner
Certified Professional Food Manager
Gilford Technical Community College-AA (1995)
Olivia Gonzalez
(904) 504-3112
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Sean Rush, Head Event Manager

Sean Rush is an integral part of the EFS team, having grown up with the company and working with the company since he was a young boy.  Sean instills dedication and thoughtfulness into each and every project that he takes on. As an event manager he is responsible for reviewing every detail of an event from equipment to timelines to staffing.  He has invested personal time, hard work and creative thinking and will go the extra mile every time to ensure your event is a success.  His bright spirit and caring personality make him an excellent leader and an irreplaceable team mate.

Sean Rush
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Therese Yanochik, Account Executive

Therese Yanochik brings a contagious smile and more than 20 years of event planning experience to the EFS team. From large and small gala events, weddings, social gatherings and family celebrations, Therese has an exceptional creative touch where great food is always the main attraction.  As a former client of EFS for many years, she knows first-hand how our staff works together to create a memorable dining experience for every occasion. 

Therese is a member of Missionway Church and active with community outreach events.  She enjoys cooking and especially baking sweet treats for her family and friends. 

Therese truly loves people and building long-term relationships with our valued clients.   She will ensure an amazing culinary experience for you and your guests.

Therese Yanochik
Account Executive
EFS Catering & Events
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Chris Dodgen, Chef 

Chef Chris Dodgen pursued his career by working in a variety of kitchens. His experience ranges from European to Japanese Izakaya and Americana. He is particularly proficient in food/beer and food/wine specialty menu pairings.   As a recent resident of Jacksonville, he is enjoying the experience of having fresh fish and seafood at hand. His Culinary Specialties include southern and soul dishes such as Butter Poached Catfish and Creamed Grits, Cast Iron Brown Butter Pork Chops, Shrimp-Lobster & Clam Gumbo, and Hand Smoked BBQ Varietals.


Emina Rovcanin, Dietitian Nutritionist

Emina is a registered dietitian nutritionist from Jacksonville, FL. She received her bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics from the University of North Florida and completed her supervised practice hours at the University of Connecticut. With her experience in senior living, wellness, fitness, clinical nutrition, catering and FDA regulation she is the perfect fit for our team. She offers our clients competitive label review in accordance with FDA regulation, recipe makeovers, menu development as well as the development of menus that meet guidelines on specific diets and diet restrictions. Throwing a gluten-free event? Hosting a vegan party? We are confident that we can serve you!

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Chef Imani

Chef Imani, Sous Chef

Chef Imani has an extensive background with stops in such cities as Austin, Nashville before landing in Jacksonville. Her first love is Mexican Cuisine but she is also fluent in Asian flavors and American Regional fare. While crediting her mentors with most of her abilities in the kitchen she is formally trained having attended culinary school. Classic French techniques are her cornerstones when cooking any type of food. Chef Imani brings flavor and passion each day to the EFS kitchen and events.