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EFS Catering Q and A

What time does EFS Catering team arrive?
Our team will arrive 2 hours prior to the event which gives our team plenty of time to unload and set up.

How many servers will be there?
Staffing requirements:

Buffet style: 1 server for every 20- 25 guests

Family style: 1 server for every 20-25 guests

Plated dinner style: 2 servers for every 25 guests

EFS Catering operates on the buddy system. No less than 2 servers sent to any event. Plus a chef, 2 chef’s assistants, a banquet manager and food runners.

If we require bar service how many bartenders will we need?
We require 1 bartender for every 50-60 guests. This ensures less congestion and faster drink service for the guests.

What will the servers be wearing?
Our team wears classic all black uniforms which include black tuxedo shirt, black tie, black belt, black socks, black shoes. Our bartenders dress the same.

Is gratuity included?
No. We do not charge a gratuity however, our team is always appreciative should clients decide to provide a gratuity.

What is the service charge?
A service charge on a catering contract or proposal represents the back of the house fees required to maintain required event hardware, delivery and set up of the event (2 hours prior and 1 hour post) and also includes labor and production week of the event, banquet management and food runners.

When is final head count due?
Final head count is not due until 1 week prior to the event. We understand a lot can happen in the last month and try to be as flexible as possible. We will contact you the week before for final head count, payment, timelines and any other details you want to review.

What is required to commit to a contract with EFS Catering?
We require a $500 non-refundable deposit and a contract signed by both parties.

What if I need to cancel my contract?
Deposits over and above the minimum required $500 non-refundable deposit are refundable and there is a small processing fee and the refund typically takes about 2-3 weeks to be returned to you. If you cancel within 7 days there is a 75% cancellation fee which is required as by this time product and prep will have already begun for your event along with scheduling and team meetings (This scenario is extremely uncommon).

Can my contract be changed or edited once I have signed it?
Yes! We can make all the changes you like all the way up until one week prior to the event. This means menu, times, dates, head counts… all of it is totally flexible up until the week prior when we begin to prep for your event on our end.

Are there special dietary options?
Yes! EFS Catering can provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and semi kosher meals along with many diverse cultural cuisines and flavors. We can also provide a special entrée for the bride and groom that doesn’t have to be the same as the guest order. Surf and turf? Lobster mashed potatoes? Chicken tenders? YES! We also provide discounted rates for children’s meals. If the child is 3 and under they will eat at no charge. Children 4-12 are provided a children’s plate at the rate of $10.95 per child. Typically, this is mac and cheese and chicken tenders with fresh fruit or the adult menu in a smaller size. We can of course custom create something if you prefer.

Will our sales person be at our event?
Our sales team members are not the event captains, so there is no need to be concerned about proper flow or organization. Our sales team creates a menu with you personally, finalizes all the details, meets with the event manager for your event and reviews details, timelines and any special requests or requirements. Our event management team have all been in this industry for many years and are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of weddings and special events.

Are there any additional hidden fees?
Additional fees can vary depending on your venue, choice of service style or menu. Your sales representative will ask all the right questions and then apply these items to your proposal based on your individual needs or preferences. Everything will be itemized so that you can clearly see where cost comes into play. All contracts will be adjusted. All fees are listed with initial proposal and itemized so that you can easier see where cost come into play. All contracts will be adjusted one week before the wedding so all pre-listed fees and costs will be elevated or subtracted based on your final head count.

Is EFS Catering licensed and insured?
Yes, we are licensed and insured and can provide all documents required for your venue upon request.

Does EFS Catering provide china packages?
Yes. Our classic china package is $4.95 per person and includes appetizer plates, entrée and salad plates, full silver, 2 glasses per person plus salt and pepper shakers and sugar caddies.

Is there a cake cutting fee?
No. In fact we will happily provide you with cake service and our china dessert plates and silver can be rented for $1.00 per person. You provide the cake, we will be happy to cut and serve. We will also box up any remaining cake along with the top should you so prefer.

Is there typically any food leftover?
When you choose to have a buffet style or family style event there could possibly be some food leftover. However, we do encourage guests to come back through the line for seconds if there is an adequate amount leftover. By Florida law we cannot leave food out any longer than 1.5 – 2 hours because of food quality regulations and standards. Our banquet captain will send home a take home box for our bride and groom post event in most cases. If your event is a plated dinner there will typically not be any food left over. These events are based on exact orders and we do require 2 additional entrées for each entrée choice be ordered over the actual final count. This will help us provide the best possible service as guests often forget, change their minds or have a sudden dietary restriction that requires them to try to change the order day of. We also strongly suggest that you order at least 2 vegetarian entrées regardless if you have vegetarian options listed or requested. This is just one more step that ensures a smooth and expeditious dinner service that goes off without a hitch!

Will I be required to provide table cards with entrée selection for a plated dinner?
Yes, if the plated dinner service is a plated choice then a card for each person with a visible meal indicator is required.

Will I be able to enjoy any of the appetizers?
Yes! We always set aside appetizers for the bride and groom.

What happens to the alcohol at the end of the evening if I provide it?
Our bartenders will pack it up and help load it into the pre-determined vehicle post event. The intention of EFS Catering is to provide you with a memorable experience and delicious memories for years to come. We will make every effort to provide you with professional service and warm hospitality and our team is a group of caring, creative individuals that will go the extra mile every time to make sure you and your guests feel taken care of and more importantly, special.